Our Story


I’d been a good boy all year, and Santa had rewarded my virtue with a shiny new iPhone 4.

None of my old brick phones could record video like this thing could: 720p, 30fps, 48 kHz stereo audio. Glorious.
So when my cousin Tim and I went out to snipe some bunnies in the back paddock with our trusty .22s (a Christmas tradition), we tried recording a few kills through the scope. The footage was awful—impossible to focus, impossible to keep still.
Using the materials at hand (scraps of cardboard from the Christmas bon-bons box and some paddle-pop sticks), we forged a makeshift contraption to hold my iPhone firmly in place while we shot. The thing was ugly. It fell apart in twenty minutes. I got a splinter. But it worked—we played the footage of Tim nailing a hare from 200 metres until New Years Eve.
Skopecam was born.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably a hunter, and you know how determined and resourceful we can be.

I couldn’t stand settling on the Frankenstein model we’d created—not when I knew how good the results could be.
So that January, I spent every spare moment refining the design until I had an effective, reusable prototype. (The faithful paddle-pop sticks remained a vital component.)
When I showed my hunting mates what I’d done, they had questions. Mainly ‘When can you make me one?’ or ‘Why haven’t you made me one yet?’ or ‘Seriously, why are you still standing there instead of making me one?’
I knew I had a chance to make their hunting trips more memorable, so I set to work. Sketches. Mock-ups. 3D computer models. Teaming up with industrial designers. 3D printing. Money invested. Fingernails bitten. Coffee drank. More coffee drank.
Finally, after months of trial and error (and a dwindling bank account) I arrived at the  finished Skopecam. I’m pretty stoked with the final form—it’s durable, it’s lightweight, and it works perfectly. I love it.


So I’ve bitten the bullet, so to speak, and manufactured a mass of stock to share with the world.
The response has been incredible—Skopecam has been selling like hotcakes.
I’m so glad my little back-paddock idea is helping hunters capture and share their hunting experiences.
I have a few more designs in development. If things continue going well, we’ll see those soon. In the meantime, I’m happy to be offering the best product I possibly can—Skopecam. It’s high definition hunting.