Skopecam 3 Ranger Pack

Skopecam 3 Ranger Pack


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Introducing Skopecam 3 - the ultimate tool for capturing your hunting adventures in stunning detail. This universal phone mount is designed to fit almost any phone, and case, and is engineered to clamp your device securely in place with its vice-like grip. Will fit scope diameters ranging from 25-30mm.

Get the most out of your outdoor adventures with the Skopecam 3 Ranger Pack. Capture and save your best moments to your phone for easy playback. Perfect for teaching young hunters and creating family memories. Expertly designed for fun and convenience.

Crafted from machined aluminum with a matte black/orange finish, Skopecam 3 is built tough to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Its modular construction makes it easy to assemble and adjust, and the improved phone clamp ensures your device stays in place without the need for a sticky pad.

Easily adjustable in three axes, Skopecam 3 helps you get the perfect camera alignment for your shot. The quick-release/attach mount allows for fast and easy setup, without the need for any tools.

Capture the memories of your hunting adventures with Skopecam 3. Pinch and zoom in on the reticle to fill the screen with your scope's view. You can even train a new hunter where to aim or check the shot's safety from an over-the-shoulder viewing perspective in real-time.

The full pack includes Skopecam's universal mount, a stock extender, and a rail mount for your scope's pic rail. You'll enjoy squint-free viewing, even if you have trouble looking through a scope with a particular eye or have eyesight problems.

Don't settle for subpar footage of your hunting trips. Upgrade to Skopecam 3 and take high-quality photos and videos with your phone's native camera app. Get ready to capture your adventures like never before. Order Skopecam 3 today.