Skopecam 2 Universal Scope Mount

Skopecam 2 Universal Scope Mount


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See, Shoot, Save and Share the hunt to your phone.

Skopecam 2 is the best universal smartphone mount on the market, that actually works - Guaranteed!

This mobile phone mount has been designed by an actual shooter, not a cheap Chinese knock-off that just doesn't work, you can trust we have made a product that does what it says - the example footage speaks for itself!

30 day no risk trial, if it doesn't work send it back to us for a refund

✅ Simple and fast to install and set up

✅ Universal design to suit most modern phones and scopes

✅ Use the phones large, bright and clear screen as a view finder

✅ A great way to train new shooters

✅ People with poor eyes or impairments can shoot again!

✅ Use your standard video/photos app on your phone

✅ Easily record crystal clear video and photos through your optics

✅ Share the footage directly from your phone - no bluetooth or apps needed


We believe in our product so much that we will refund your money if it doesn't work they way we say it does. With the right scope and phone case - Skopecam will work every time - we guarantee it.

This smartphone mount is universal, so it will fit most smartphones and their cases (Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC and more!) - no more phone-specific mounts! It’s simple to attach and use and can bring a new level of challenge, fun and excitement to your shooting again. 

Last but not least, with this package you get the included Stock Extender. This simple foam butt makes using Skopecam more comfortable, shifting the phone screen further from your face making it easier to focus on the screen. No re-mounting the scope rings in a different position or buying a fancy tactical stock. Simple. Easy. Done. 

Installation Videos:

(What phones will work with Skopecam?)

(What scopes will work with Skopecam?)

(How does recoil affect Skopecam?)


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