Skopecam 3 Mount (Excludes Scope Rail Mount & Stock extender)


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Note: This pack does not include the scope rail mount or the Stock Extender V2. A Scope Rail Mount is required for the system to operate properly.

Skopecam 3 is a universal phone mount for your rifle scope and is the ultimate way to capture your shots through your scope. Footage is saved directly to your phone to  share with friends and family when you get back from your adventures in the bush or range.

Enjoy Squint-free shooting for those of us who find it hard to look through a scope with a particular eye or who might have eye sight problems.

Pinch and zoom in on the reticle to fill the screen with your scopes view.

Train a new shooter where to aim or check that the shot is safe from over-the shoulder viewing when looking at the screen in real-time.

Capture the memories by taking photos or high quality video with the native camera app on your smart phone. 

Fits almost any* phone - even with your case on - Skopecam 3 has been designed to be truly universal and engineered to hold on firmly to your device with its vice like grip!

*iPhone 12/13 Mini has been discovered to be TOO SMALL to connect sufficiently. It's advised to not purchase this product if you have this phone or a similarly sized phone.

Simple and fast to connect, setup and detach- no tools required once you have your scope mount attached to your scope.

Quickly attach and detach your Skopecam from the scope with the two-stage quick-release lever. Whip the mount out of your backpack and whack it onto your scope when you are in the hunting zone, detach it lightning fast when you are done.

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